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China 's heating to see the factory to clean up to

  • China 's heating to see the factory to clean up to
  • 2017-02-22 11:02:39
  • By the warmth of the monthly organization of China's heating to see the factory in April 27, 2015 to Zhejiang Jie Lida inspection guidance, the company's in-depth understanding of the company.

           9 o'clock in the morning, the view of the group members arrived in the company, the company leadership to go out to meet. We are divided into two teams, into the Jie Lida plant to visit, a team led by the general manager of Ms. Chen Haihuan, with the team members have production minister Fang Zhiru, quality minister Ding Hua Jiao, sales outstanding salesman Feng Haijia. Two team chairman Mr. Li Yunhai led, with the team staff director Li Donghai, technical minister Wang Zhanfang, sales of outstanding sales staff Tian Feng. Guan factory members first came to our cutting workshop, see a long copper rod, and instantly become a section of production in line with the requirements of the copper material. With the movement of copper material line of sight, watch the company members went to the forging workshop, saw the burning of the red copper was moved to 500 tons of punch, what became rough. Rough work to lose weight, cut the extra side material, was pulled down the finishing workshop.

    With the pace of movement, the delegation came to the second floor of the factory finishing workshop, saw a Taiwan heavy machine, in the hands of the workers master freely, accompanied by moving. Made a root finely divided water pipe. Members are out of their own mobile phone, the camera took the scene of this scene. The most amazing place is undoubtedly the third floor of the assembly workshop, all the different parts of the assembly workers assembled into a set of delicate and practical water separator. Guan factory members for the assembly of the assembly line, marking, test pressure, packaging are one by one to understand.



    Out of the factory, the members of the factory group members visited the laboratory of Jie Lida, inspector Jiang Jiongbing in the laboratory to do the experiment, with the team members of the experimental content of a detailed explanation, so that members are more in-depth understanding of the value of the experiment The Members are also interested in the results of the test, and some also recorded the whole process, so that later explained with the customer. With the team staff for the laboratory equipment in turn made the introduction, so that the importance of the experiment deep into the minds of members.


        Jie Lida's building automation workshop is the most magic weapon of Jialida's possession. With the team staff to detail it and solemnly introduced to the members. A line of lines, a Taiwan rolling machine to attract the attention of members of the eye. Desktop placed on the neat mixed water cooling system is to let the members shines, beautiful surface, exquisite assembly, orderly arrangement, is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot. The staff also its performance, principles, a detailed explanation, it became the hearts of members of the new darling.


    Browse the workshop and lab of Jolida, and the members are looking forward to the sample room. Here is the epitome of the company, it is the image of the company. The sample room displays a delicate and beautiful water separator, and the whole process is moved in, allowing members to reinforce the image of the Jialida water separator. Attracting members of the eye and the sample room section and flat material, allowing members to more intuitive understanding of the internal structure of the water separator and toughness. However, the sample room also has a new darling - to warm the integrated system, it is quietly waiting for members to give it pictures, of course, it is also very good with the Oh.

             Finally the members came to the conference room, in this minor rest, add energy. Ms. Chen Haihuan, general manager of the welcome speech, but also to the excellent team to introduce the benefits of the members, it is because they have a Jie Lida today. Subsequently, Chairman Li Yunhai speech, Lee's literary style people are impressed, Lee always used poetry to express the mood at the moment: "It is Jiangnan good scenery, falling season and Feng Jun" so that members feel very kind, like Old friends meet. Next, Chen has done a total of PPT to explain the members to see and then through the text more in-depth explanation, the Jialida three advantages, 7A management system more detailed and more comprehensive analysis, the Jie Li Da was deeply imprinted on the minds of the members. There are applause here, but more is the members of the Czech Republic's recognition and support!














CCTV rumor to warm

  • CCTV rumor to warm
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:01
  • CCTV rumor to warm The

        In today's China's economic market, layoffs seem to be an infectious disease, circulated in all walks of life. Even in the petrochemical, Vanke, IBM and other areas of the leaders are bursting of the layoffs of the news, and in the past has been a lot of talent is hard to find people (to warm) heating industry also began layoffs, indeed beyond everyone's accident The But there is a lot of reasons.

        Since the end of 2014 CCTV CCTV "focus interview" column reporter in the seventh China to warm the comfortable home design and construction contest finals during the interview to warm the industry-related leaders, experts, to clarify the network rumors to warm six major hazards, and then CCTV CCTV focus interview In the evening of March 21 officially broadcast, has been nearly six months time.

        In the past nearly a year, the warm people do not know how much saliva wasted to the customer to explain the warm no harm to the question, the heart of the pain and helpless only warm to know. It is conceivable that when the March 21 "focus interview" once broadcast, the whole warm industry are exploded, WeChat friends circle was screen, the network was scrapped. Some people say that CCTV CCTV to warm the name, playing a beautiful victory.


    However, after the joy, more is meditation. An unwritten rule corresponding to tell the entrepreneur how to do a warm company.

         First, to warm the industry first to self-discipline. Self-discipline is to warm the industry itself to self-discipline, the upstream manufacturers to achieve excellent product quality, integrators to standardize the construction, standardize the service, not to "bad guys" slander to warm up opportunities.

         Second, the cold and warm, a variety of end of the big convergence is the trend, competing products, brother products / industry is not necessary to engage in your life and death. According to the China Radiation Heating and Cooling Committee Network Department Director Zhang Kecheng interview with the focus of the column revealed that the incident may be due to the spread of individual products caused by malicious business, but we also note that the network is similar to competing products without science According to the non-standard transmission there are many. In the owners, distribution integrators have to accept the trend of large convergence, the upstream manufacturers should be more inclusive, or expand the business unit.


    Third, to warm the industry to promote their own norms. For example, a few days ago China Daily Network has such a news, the title is "to warm non-toxic ... ...", unknown business owners read, but also thought to warm is toxic, look at its guide, "warm gradually popular Produced ... ... ", your floor itself is not up to formaldehyde, can be strange to warm it? If some people with ulterior motives to be used, maybe it will breed right and wrong.

        Fourth, the media's guidance and dissemination is essential, but need to be more professional. The incident was alarmed CCTV, and even become one of the 10 rumors in 2014, and the media widely spread inseparable. Carefully explore, you will find some home improvement, real estate media is the source, warm cube called the media counterparts, communication must be rigorous, or ruined a good industry ah.

        Fifth, WeChat is not awe-inspiring, industry experts and the media to promptly clarify which the letter. China Radiation Heating Committee Committee Director of the Department of Network Zhang Kecheng said: WeChat on the information do not believe, have self-tolerance! To this end, warm cube called on experts and media colleagues, common purification industry, fake rumors, against false information.

        So now the warm industry appears to lay off the phenomenon and the relationship between these iron, compared to the self-evident.

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Tour of Sanya in mid-January 2015

  • Tour of Sanya in mid-January 2015
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:02
  •         Jiangnan town of Wuzhen, Xitang trip is still memorable, in order to allow middle-level cadres to ease the work pressure, to promote mutual exchanges and stimulate work enthusiasm, the company once again organized the leading cadres and outstanding staff on January 14 Trip to Sanya five days tour. Sanya City is located in the southern tip of Hainan Province (Hainan Island), where the four seasons such as summer, can be described as three winter without frost and snow, four seasons flowers often in full bloom, known as "Oriental Hawaii," said.

            In the intense, busy work, there is such a chance to temporarily put down the hands of things, jump from the habit of living environment, came to China ranked four first-tier tourist city "three Wei Hang Ha," the first, also known as the "East Hawaii "Sanya enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island, a taste of the local few ethnic customs of the customs, so that everyone happy mood, to ease the long-term work pressure, in the beautiful environment, cultivate the mood, in the journey to increase the knowledge. Sanya people's hard-working, hard work, hard work deeply touched us, this spirit worthy of our study, carry forward, this trip, colleagues help each other, take care of each other, and further increase the communication opportunities, The feelings between each other, creating a harmonious team atmosphere. Enjoy such a rare spiritual holiday, we are very upset, feel very happy and relaxed. Travel return, we communicate with each other their own knowledge, feelings and joy, to travel colleagues also do not forget the hard work of colleagues and family members, Sanya's delicious souvenirs are brought back and colleagues, family members to share, believe that tourism Of the staff will be more full of enthusiasm, more energetic energy into the job, but also encourage those who can not travel to the Jialida family, for more people next year to better place to enjoy the nature of the better Scenery. Here's a direct look at the travel of everyone's photos it!




"Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" Jialid

  • "Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" Jialid
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15
  • Harmony with the new movement, draw a good future ambitious. Warmly celebrate Zhejiang Jie Lida management industry "Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" the first annual meeting of a complete success.

    December 31, 2014, Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. "Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" theme annual meeting in the ball business hotel was held.

    With the three host's wonderful opening, opened the company's 2014 annual meeting of the prelude. Mr. Li Yunhai, Chairman of the Board, Ms. Chen Haihuan, General Manager of the Company, Mr. Qiu Yongquan, Chairman of Jiuhao Group and Mr. Cao Weizhong, General Manager of Longyu Pipe Industry, also came to the meeting site, and the cries and applause Sounded. The opening guests together to watch the benefits of eight years of wind and rain achievements of the brand mentality PPT. In this eight years, Jie Lida will be a simple thing to do the ultimate, play a striking power, in the past eight years, Jie Lida with a firm and sincere access to the trust of thousands of users, but also won the move With respect.

    Then Li Dong around the "memories of the past, Thanksgiving now, look to the future" for the annual meeting of the speech, expressed the company employees, suppliers and customer representatives of the blessing and thanks, although the words are not many, but sentence thought-provoking, Thoughtful

    The next year will be officially started, the lights fade, the screen lights up, first of all to bring the production sector is ready to produce the elite report, at the meeting, the head of each department reported the various departments in 2014 The work of the situation and plans for next year; followed by the host in full swing to read the list of employees in 2014 to receive awards, by you came to accept the award. The company all the staff for the award-winning staff presented the most sincere wishes and the most enthusiastic applause.


    Wonderful program to continue, the production department to bring the program "tomorrow will be better", in the beautiful song, we seem to be full of expectations for the future; the atmosphere of active "little apple", it is brought a wave of applause; The hands of the handsome beauty for everyone to bring the "true hero", then detonated the audience's high point; building-controlled beauty solo "Lotus Pond Moonlight", can not help people as if exposure to nature; followed by sales Department of the elite for everyone to bring the "forward", meaning the company's sales in 2015 to move forward, red, red, red! Product quality is the fundamental enterprise, by the workshop director, quality control department to bring the comedy "quality storm", thought-provoking.



    The most exciting than Li Dong and Chen brought the poetry recitation "Thanksgiving heart, thanks you - to our hearts Jie Lida", just in the past 2014, this is the "Jie Lida" Eight golden years, has quietly painted a full stop, but she brought us all "Jie Lida" people, too many warm memories, too much joy of the harvest, too touching warm ... ... let us Thanksgiving our Colleagues, let us thanks to our customers, so that we are grateful to our family, let us Thanksgiving our leadership, this way around the eight years of the journey is that you use the trust, in exchange for the performance and honor of Jialida.

    During the period of Chen, the idea of giving back to the community, let us gather together, held the "Jie Lida love Foundation," the launching ceremony, the appointment of Li Donghai director for the vice president, as the Secretary for the Secretary-General, by Wang Zhan imitation, Ding Hua Jiao, Zhang Yuying, Shi Jianbo, Liu Chengjian composed of five members, the members are the company's high-level core team, care subordinates, close to subordinates, love as the first virtue of Jelida, so pass love, heritage love! Love will be grateful! The establishment of the "Jie Lida Love Foundation" is to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force, truly reflect the company "love business enterprises, care for employees, pass love" humanistic philosophy, effectively promote the mutual cooperation between employees and team spirit , In the company to build a love platform, cultivate love culture, promote love action, the company difficult to get care and help. At the same time for the broad promotion of love funds, norms and a clear love fund management, the use of supervision, give full play to the functions of the Fund, a special set of Jiefa love fund management approach. Dear friends, by the roses, hand fragrance; share the storm, share the sun; dedication love, harvest hope; today you help others, tomorrow you may need someone else's help.


    Finally, by the sales director, technical director for the guests to bring the guests to the song "similar Jie Lida", similar to the silver moonlight, similar to the warm feelings, come Come on, 2015, the heart meet each other, similar to year after year, let us embrace each other's dreams!

    The annual meeting of the company brought various forms of different, people dizzying performances, dance, singing, essays and so on. These not only bring joy to everyone but also make the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. Third prize by the dragon over the management of the total extraction of Cao, second prize by the customer on behalf of the total withdrawal of gold, with the third prize, the second prize of the extraction of the upsurge of the annual meeting. The following are the same as the "
            And finally to the first prize of the moment, by the Jiuhao Qiu Qiu total draw from the draw box out of the first prize: "planning man, Jiang Yani", the most fortunate tonight produced! Prizes but an ipad, first prize is really attractive!


    Dinner, the company invited guests are eager, really bustling. Mr. Qiu Yongquan, Chairman of Jiuhao Group, and Mr. Cao Weizhong, General Manager of Longyue Pipe Industry, also presented the applause for the annual meeting of Jie Lida.



    Here the company 2014 annual meeting came to an end. Farewell to the fruitful 2014, to meet the more challenging 2015, each of our Jialida family full of confidence, I believe in the company under the guidance of the correct leadership, Jialida 2015 will be more exciting! Until next year, we will gather together when the Jedi, here must be war flag hunting, glowing sky!

January 23, 2015 Provincial Propaganda Committee a

  • January 23, 2015 Provincial Propaganda Committee a
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15
  •    January 23, 2015 by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Civilization Office, the provincial association, Shaoxing City Civilization Office, Shaoxing City Market Management Bureau, Zhuji City Market Management Bureau, the store market management branch of the provincial "integrity business "Evaluation of the delegation to visit Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site inspection guidance. This trip is the delegation in Zhejiang Province, small and medium enterprises "good faith" in the evaluation of an important station. Mr. Li Yunhai, Chairman of Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Donghai, Director of the Company, and Mr. Fang Zhiru, Minister of Enterprise Management, attended the meeting.
    During the meeting room of Zhejiang JieLiDa Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Yunhai, chairman of the company, listened to the introduction and development of the company, fully affirmed Li Dong's operating principles and development concepts, and pointed out that as a Enterprises to develop, can not do without the support of the community, inseparable from the public recognition, but also inseparable from their own honest and trustworthy.

    Mr. Li Yunhai, chairman of the "integrity" to make an interpretation, Li Yunhai, chairman of the board, said: "personal conduct determines the quality of the product, the staff, we have made a statement, made it imperative, no arrears of wages, staff quarters air conditioning , Water heater, TV, bathroom is no shortage of all, pay attention to the staff of amateur life, there are billiards, table tennis, etc., also set up a clean profit football team, the company also actively organize staff activities, this year there are tug of war, annual meeting, Wuzhen tourism Sanya tourism, etc .; on the supplier never arrears payment, on time reconciliation, regular payment, each year to sign the contract; to customers, and resolutely fulfill the contract delivery, the quality of the guests raised the first time to deal with, do not value immediate benefits , Pay more attention to long-term cooperation, 'keep the promise, no excuse, absolutely obey, never give up.' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' Affirmed the company's core values and corporate style.

       Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the delegation successfully concluded in Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. inspection, but also wish Jialida Pipe Co., Ltd. better and better, more and more strong.
         Finally, Mr. Li Yunhai, chairman of the delegation of the arrival of the delegation expressed his heartfelt thanks, and said that the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Civilization Office, under the guidance of the Association, will be "honest business" for the purpose of Business to do more and more prosperous!


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